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Pack Your Luggage Right!

We all struggle with what to pack! That's why its important to prepare for any journey with good travel organization. Use a checklist to make sure you have all you need. Eagle Creek has developed a travel system to help! A travel system is map of luggage and accessories that meet all your packing needs. The holiday season is upon us and this guide will help ensure you get organized and pack right. Pack Your Luggage Right

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Eagle Creek Pack-It System - How To Stay Organized

After a long day of travel, the last thing you want to discover (upon opening your luggage) is your belongings in complete disarray. Module packing is a great way to avoid this type of situation. Module packing will minimize wrinkles, maximize space, and organize your belongings. You will never again open your luggage to a mess of items. If you travel for business, I am sure you hate to pull a wrinkled shirt or wadded pants out of your suitcase. A great way to avoid this is to use the Eagle Creek

Choose the right Briggs & Riley Luggage Collection

Briggs & Riley has a bag designed for every traveler's needs. With 5 collections-Baseline, Transcend, BRX, @work, Verb-all geared towards a different kind of traveler, you can find the luggage combination perfect for you. And, with Briggs & Riley's "Simple as that" warranty, you know you're getting a quality piece of luggage. So now it's not if you should but, but what should you buy? The following information will help you with your decision. Briggs & Riley leads the industry with its "Simple as that" warranty, which means if your bag is ever broken or damaged, (regardless of the circumstances) Briggs and Riley will fix it free of charge. And, they have repair centers all over the world to make it easy for you. Every bag from every collection comes with "Simple as that" making it a risk-free purchase. The 5 Briggs & Riley lines: Baseline: durable to keep up with frequent travel Transcend: stylish and light weight for leisure travelers BRX: lightweight, high performance luggage for the adventure traveler @ Work: check point businesses cases designed for easy organization for the multitasking professional Verb: designed with the lap top in mind to make travel easier for professionals who need to stay connected Briggs & Riley Luggage Collection: Collection Baseline Transcend BRX @ Work Verb For Frequent travelers Leisure/vacation travelers Adventure travelers Multi-tasking professionals Tech-savvy professionals Products Toiletry kits Cabin bags and totes Garment bags Uprights with One-touch Expansion Uprights with Zip Expansion Duffle and day bags Cabin bags Toiletry kits Uprights with Zip Expansion Wheeled duffles Toiletry kit Rolling uprights Backpacks and duffles SpeedThru Computer sleeves Clamshell briefs, messengers and backpacks Top zip computer briefs Rolling business cases Non-rolling cases Rolling cases Details Ballistic nylon outer fabric resists abrasion Sheer Strength frame for lightweight durability Garment bags can hold up to 8 suits SpeedThru pocket for quick storage Coordinates with the @Work collection Tuff-lite outer fabric made with CORDURA is exceptionally strong, abrasion-resistant, lightweight and soft 210D nylon fully lined interiors is lightweight, durable, soft to the touch Nubuck touch points for luxurious comfort and durability Double zipper pulls on lockable main compartments Neoprene handles for a comfortable grip and easy carrying Hide-away luggage tag conceals personal information Strategic placement of 1000D nylon, 420D packcloth nylon and ripstop fabric make bags 10-15% lighter than similar bags Large interior compartments hold gear of all shapes and sizes Rugged, low-profile wheels can handle multiple terrains Large cushioned grab handles are strong and comfortable Hide-away luggage tag conceals personal information Lightweight and durable ballistic nylon outer fabric Leather touch points for luxurious comfort and durability, leather patch for personalization Designed for supreme organization Ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort Security Checkpoint friendly collection accommodates netbooks, 13", 15.4", 17" laptops Coordinates with the Baseline collection Tuff-lite outer fabric made with CORDURA is exceptionally strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant SpeedThru pocket for quick storage of items at security checkpoints Ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort Laptop compartments accommodate 13", 15.4" and 17" laptops Color Options Black, Olive, Chocolate Sunset, Rainforest Amber, Ocean, Slate Black, Chocolate Black, Moss Add-a-bag system Interlocking handle or SmartLink Interlocking handle or Quick release Multi-bag docking system connects any two BRX bags Interlocking handle or Slip-through back pocket Interlocking handle, or Slip-through back pocket Price Range $39-$579 $39-$389 $40-$320 $49-$449 $53-$367 Another advantage all wheeling Briggs & Riley bags has is the "Outsider" handle. By keeping the handle on the exterior of the bag, it allows for flat, wrinkle free packing. If you have any more questions, leave a comment or call our experts at 1-800-271-7685.

Packing Checklist: Travel Essentials for Your Trip

Use this checklist to make packing for your trip less stressful. It's easy to forget things when you're packing bags and making last minute arrangements, so use this list to help ensure you don't forget the essentials. It should also jog your memory if you have special requirements for your trip, such as a business trip, trekking expedition, foreign vacations and other scenarios that involve items you don't use every day. Keep reading for more details and useful tips at the end! Money Cash Debit/Credit Cards Documents and Paperwork Personal ID (drivers license, passport) Tickets Trip Itinerary Confirmation Numbers Hotel Contact Information Airline/Cruise/Train Contact Information Travel Vouchers Maps Prescription Drug Information Insurance Card Guide Book Misc. Essentials Medications Wristwatch Sunglasses Glasses/Contacts Simple Sewing Kit Entertainment (books, magazines, iPod/iPhone, etc.) Lint Roller Small Bags/Pouches (for dirty laundry, purchased items, etc.) Electronics Laptop Computer Cell Phone Power/Charger Adapters Travel Alarm Clock iPod Cameras Film/Memory Cards Portable DVD Player Toiletries/Personal Care Soap (combo body/shampoo saves space and weight) Razor/Trimmer Shaving Cream Moisturizing Lotion Shampoo/Conditioner Comb/Brush Nail Clipper/File Deodorant Q-Tips Sunscreen Toothpaste Powder Cologne/Perfume Washcloth Lip Balm/Chapstick Clothing Socks/Hose Underwear Shirts/Blouses Pants/Jeans Suits/Dresses Sweaters Shorts/Skirts Ties/Scarves Belts Pajamas Slippers Robe Sweaters Sweatshirt/Sweatpants Swim Wear Swimsuit/Swim Trunks Sandals Goggles Swim Cap Wrap/T-Shirt Outerwear Rain Jacket/Poncho Rain Pants Umbrella Shoes/Footwear Tennis Shoes (walking, crossover, running, casual slip-ons, etc.) Dress Shoes (loafers, high heels, fashion slip-ons, etc.) Boots (hiking, ski, etc.) Replaceable Insoles Packing Tips Save weight and space by packing items that can serve more than one purpose, like combo body/shampoo soap, clothes that are convertible such as zip-off pants or shirts with button-up sleeves. Also, pack just those items you will need: plan for contingencies but only to a basic extent -- unless you're going "off the grid" you probably won't be far from the things you need or want. Check with your destination contacts to see if you can leave bulky items home. There's no reason to waste space with curling irons, robes and even basic toiletries if you can get them there. Sometimes it's easier to buy cheap products upon arrival instead of packing everything you think you'll need. Sometimes you can get basic items for free, like complimentary razors and toothpaste. Check ahead or read reviews online to see what's available. Always clearly identify luggage both inside and out, and use TSA approved locks if you're worried about vandalism. Some people even shrink-wrap their luggage to deter would-be snoopers and to easily show if your bag has been tampered with. Be sure to leave a detailed itinerary with a trusted person back home, along with contact information and copies of crucial documents. Exchange phones numbers and emails with a few close friends or family members. If you get in a bind they will be your savior. Plus, if something goes wrong they will have a better idea of where you are, what you're doing and how to make things right. Don't forget to pay bills that are due while you're gone, stop mail or have someone pick it up, and adjust your home's thermostat up/down depending on the season to avoid heating or cooling a house that is empty. Obviously if it's the dead of winter or the peak of summer you'll want to leave things on, but running the heat at 60 instead of 75, or the AC at 80 instead of 65 will make a huge difference. Unplug electronics that don't need to be on. Lights, TV, computers -- they all draw power even if turned off. You can even turn down your fridge: after all, if nobody is there to open the door then it will stay cooler and run less anyway. The same is true for your water heater -- many new models have a "vacation" setting that essentially keeps the unit operational but highly efficient (ie: warm water not hot). Don't change living habits like the position of drapes, moving lawn ornaments and things like that because it can tip off people who might be interested in your property. If the home looks like it always does you'll be better off. Consider packing out of sight of the street and neighbors, and make sure all doors and windows are locked. Basically if it looks and "feels" like somebody is home then you're less likely to have problems. Some people have friends or family check the house inside and out to make sure everything is fine. Finally, make sure you pile the absolute necessities together so you know you have them packed or on your body. If you forget everything else at least you'll have them. Mine are: wallet, keys, cell phone, contact lens stuff, camera...and a passport and itinerary if traveling abroad. The above list is intended to help you get packed easier and faster but without forgetting important items. Some of the items listed above will be crucial or totally useless depending on your particular trip, but it still serves as a convenient reminder. Happy travels!

Let a Travel Agent Manage Your Experience

Why should you book through a travel agency? Because you will have access to a broader range of specials, packages and exclusive promotions; agents have been to the places they sell so they have first-hand knowledge; agencies have much more clout when dealing with hotels and airlines if you problem, and; letting your agent do the work saves you time and reduces stress! Keep reading for more reasons to let a travel agent book your next vacation! A lot of people say that the internet "changed everything" about travel planning. While it's true that the internet has given individual shoppers greater access to hotels, airlines and tour operators, that just means more stress if you try and sort through the mess yourself. By using an agent, you can get the same deals without the hassle of spending hours on the computer or on the phone on hold trying to get a bargain. Don't believe me? Search for "cheap Mexican vacations" or something similar, and see how many results you'll have to view -- it's at least many thousands, perhaps more. Do you really have that much time, and are you willing to risk booking with some random company or unknown hotel? Here are some reasons why you should use a travel agent instead of trying to do everything on your own. Convenient, One-Stop Shopping You already have a job or plenty of things to do, so let somebody else do the work! Stop spending hours online, on the phone or in the car searching for a few dollars of savings -- a travel agent has instant access to hundreds of catalogs and direct access to hotel and airline booking systems. Did you remember to book ground transportation? How about meals? Insurance? Identification documents? A travel agent makes sure your entire trip is planned and all elements are accounted for. Stop Rushing, Book Now, Pay Later If you plan your trip online you will be required to pay for the entire trip upfront, meaning your credit card will be charged the instant you hit "confirm." With a travel agent you can make changes, explore options and start making arrangements without having to rack up numerous charges long before your trip. Many internet sites will only hold your package options for a matter of minutes! So if you lose internet connection, if you're interrupted by a phone call or you want to double check the trip you could lose everything and have to start over. Plus, most sites are designed to move in one direction, so as you click from one page to the next it's very difficult to go back without messing everything up. Large travel sites are often operated and monitored by massive call centers, sometimes overseas, with employees trained to read scripts off a card. We are different because we are based in America with travel agents who speak English! Expert Advice and Experience Travel agents plan trips, book flights and arrange vacation activities for a living, meaning agents are much better at working the system than you are. You don't have the time or patience to play games, so hire an agent and let them negotiate and crunch details. We send our agents to the resorts they sell, they participate in the tour activities, and they have ridden the buses, flown the planes and walked the trains. In a word, they have experience. Agents have "been there and done that." The pictures look great and the reviews are positive, but your travel agent may recommend against a particular resort because of new construction, or maybe it doesn't fit your personality. Remember that agents know more than just bullet point highlights. Agents also know the must-see attractions, can recommend places to eat and shop, can remind you to update travel documents and advise you on local customs. And let's not forget knowing the weather, what time zone you'll be in or how to make phone calls and ask for directions. By using a travel agent it will be like you've already been there yourself! They Work for You Travel agents manage your experience. Instead of being forced into pushing one hotel or hitting some volume goal, agents work to get your trip planned the way you want, on your terms, on your budget. Big travel sites and big tour operators can't, won't and don't want to give you personal attention. Problems with the hotel room? Flights canceled? Need to make last minute changes? Would you rather it be "You vs. Travel Industry" or "My Travel Agent is taking care of things"? As a single consumer, you are much less important than a travel agency who books thousands of vacations, and you don't know the right things to say like a travel agent does. Travel agents have more power to make things right than you do and can help you avoid problems in the first place.

AC power around the world: global electrical info

Heading overseas for vacation or business? Chances are good that the electrical system is different than here in America. In fact, the majority of countries around the world operate at much higher voltages and lower frequencies, such as 240V/50Hz instead of 120V/60Hz. The table below shows the voltage (V), frequency (Hz) and plug type for many travel destinations. Based on this information you can purchase adapters and converters so your electrical devices can function properly when used abroad. The table lists countries in alphabetical order, with corresponding voltage, frequency and plug type listed to the right. Country Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Plug Type Afghanistan 220 50 C, F Albania 220 50 C, F Algeria 230 50 C, F American Samoa 120 60 A, B, F, I Andorra 230 50 C, F Angola 220 50 C Anguilla 110 60 A Antigua 230 60 A, B Argentina 220 50 C, I Armenia 220 50 C, E Aruba 127 60 A, B, F Australia 240 50 I Austria 230 50 F Azerbaijan 220 50 C, F Azores 220 50 B, C, F Bahamas 120 60 A, B Bahrain 230 50 G Balearic Islands 220 50 C, F Bangladesh 220 50 A, C, D, G, K Barbados 115 50 A Belarus 220 50 C, F Belgium 230 50 E Belize 110/220 60 B, G Benin 220 50 E Bermuda 120 60 A, B Bhutan 230 50 D, F, G Bolivia 220/230 50 A, C Bosnia 220 50 C, F Botswana 231 50 M Brazil 110/220 60 A, B, C Brunei 240 50 G Bulgaria 230 50 C, F Burkina Faso 220 50 C, E Burundi 220 50 C, E Cambodia 230 50 A, C Cameroon 220 50 C, E Canada 120 60 A, B Canary Islands 220 50 C, E, L Cape Verde 220 50 C, F Cayman Islands 120 60 A, B Central African Republic 220 50 C, E Chad 220 50 D, E, F Channel Islands 230 50 G Chile 220 50 C, L China 220 50 A, I, G Colombia 110 60 A, B Comoros 220 50 C, E Congo (People's Rep. of) 230 50 C, E Congo (Dem. Rep. - Zaire) 220 50 C, D Cook Islands 240 50 C, D Costa Rica 120 60 A, B Ivory Coast 220 50 C, E Croatia 230 50 C, F Cuba 110/220 60 A, B, C, F, L Cyprus 240 50 G Czech Republic 230 50 E Denmark 230 50 C, K Djibouti 220 50 C, E Dominica 230 50 D, G Dominican Republic 110 60 A East Timor 220 50 C, E, F, I Ecuador 120-127 60 A, B Egypt 220 50 C El Salvador 115 60 A, B England 230/240 50 G Equatorial Guinea 230 50 C, E Eritrea 230 50 C Ethiopia 220 50 D, J, L Faeroe Islands 220 50 G Falkland Islands 240 50 G Fiji 240 50 I Finland 230 50 C, F France 230 50 E French Guiana 220 50 C, E Gaza 230 50 H Gabon 220 50 C Gambia 230 50 G Georgia 220 50 C Germany 230 50 C, F Ghana 230 50 D, G Gibraltar 240 50 C, G Great Britain 230/240 50 G Greece 220 50 C, D, E, F Greenland 220 50 C, K Grenada 230 50 G Guadeloupe 230 50 C, D, E Guam 110 60 A, B Guatemala 120 60 A, B, G, I Guinea 220 50 C, F, K Guinea-Bissau 220 50 C Guyana 240 60 A, B, D, G Haiti 110 60 A, B Honduras 110 60 A, B Hong Kong 220 50 G, M Hungary 230 50 C, F Iceland 220 50 C, F India 230 50 C, D Indonesia 127/230 50 C, F, G Iran 230 50 C Iraq 230 50 C, D, G Ireland 230 50 G Isle of Man 240 50 C Israel 220 50 C Italy 230 50 C, F, L Jamaica 110 50 A, B Jordan 110 50/60 A, B Kenya 240 50 G Kazakhstan 220 50 C Kiribati 240 50 I South Korea 220 60 C, F Kuwait 240 50 D, G Laos 230 50 A, B, C, E, F Latvia 220 50 C, F Lebanon 110/220 50 A, B, C, D, G Lesotho 220 50 M Liberia 120 60 A, B Libya 127 50 D, L Lithuania 220 50 C, F Liechtenstein 230 50 J Luxembourg 220 50 C, F Macau 220 50 D, G Macedonia 220 50 C, F Madagascar 220 50 C, E Madeira 220 50 C, F Malawi 230 50 G Malaysia 240 50 G Maldives 230 50 A, D, G, J, K, L Mali 220 50 C, E Malta 240 50 C, E Martinique 220 50 C, D, E Mauritania 220 50 C Mauritius 230 50 C, G Mexico 127 60 A, B Micronesia 120 60 A, B Monaco 127/220 50 C, D, E, F Mongolia 220 50 C, E Montenegro 220 50 C, F Montserrat 230 60 A, B Morocco 127/220 50 C, E Mozambique 220 50 C, F, M Myanmar 230 50 C, D, F, G Namibia 220 50 M Nauru 240 50 I Nepal 230 50 C, D Netherlands 230 50 C, F Netherlands Antilles 120/220 50 A, B, F New Caledonia 220 50 F New Zealand 230 50 I Nicaragua 120 60 A Niger 220 50 A, B, C, D, E, F Nigeria 240 50 D, G Norway 230 50 C, F Okinawa 100 60 A, B, I Oman 240 50 G Pakistan 220 50 C, D Palmyra Atoll 120 60 A, B Panama 110 60 A, B Papua New Guinea 240 50 I Paraguay 220 50 C Peru 220 60 A, B, C Philippines 220 60 A, B, C Poland 230 50 C, E Portugal 230 50 C, F Puerto Rico 120 60 A, B Qatar 240 50 D, G Raunion Island 220 50 E Romania 230 50 C, F Russia 220 50 F, C Rwanda 230 50 C, J St. Kitts and Nevis 230 60 D, G St. Lucia 240 50 G St. Vincent 230 50 A, C, E, G, I, K Samoa 230 50 I Saudi Arabia 127/220 60 A, B, F, G Senegal 230 50 C, D, E, K Serbia 220 50 C, F Seychelles 240 50 G Sierra Leone 230 50 D, G Singapore 230 50 G Slovak Republic 230 50 E Slovenia 220 50 C, F Somalia 220 50 C South Africa 220/230 50 M Spain 230 50 C, F Sri Lanka 230 50 D Sudan 230 50 C, D Suriname 127 60 C, F Swaziland 230 50 M Sweden 230 50 C, F Switzerland 230 50 M Syria 220 50 C, E, L Tahiti 220 60 A, B, E Tajikistan 220 50 C, I Taiwan 110 60 A, B Tanzania 230 50 D, G Thailand 220 50 A, C Togo 220 50 I Trinidad & Tobago 115 60 A, B Tunisia 230 50 C, E Turkey 230 50 C, F Turkmenistan 220 50 B, F Uganda 240 50 G Ukraine 220 50 C United Arab Emirates 220 50 G United Kingdom 230 50 G USA 120 60 A, B Uruguay 220 50 C, F, I, L Uzbekistan 220 50 C, I Vanuatu 230 50 I Venezuela 120 60 A, B Vietnam 127/220 50 A, C, G Virgin Islands (British & US) 115 60 A, B Yemen 220/230 50 A, D, G Zambia 230 50 C, D, G Zimbabwe 220 50 D, G Information in table subject to change without notice. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, but ongoing changes in-country mean you should check the specifications of the electrical system used at your destination and points between. We hope this table was helpful. As noted above, make sure to do a last-minute check of electrical specifications by contacting the hotel or trip coordinator based at your destination(s) in case any changes have occurred. Happy travels!

Celebrate Year of the Tiger with Heys Exotic Animal Print Luggage

For the Chinese New Year, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger -- Geng Yin. Heys Luggage has suitcases, carry-ons and travel accessories such as beauty cases that come in striking animal prints. These "exotics" styles are a bold choice for a travel world filled with boring beiges and blacks. The exotic tiger print luggage by Heys shows your independent nature, unwillingness to bow to the demands of others, loyalty and dynamism -- all characteristics of the Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac. Keep reading to learn about Heys exotic print luggage and how it will make traveling in the Year of the Tiger a bold departure from the ordinary! Year of the Tiger (Geng Yin) According to the Sheng xiao, mostly commonly known as the Chinese Zodiac, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger's personality has the following traits: colorful, passionate, daring, stimulating, sincere, aggressive, restless, just to name a few. The Tiger's polarity is Yang, the masculine, bright (daytime), fast, hard, solid, dry and hot half of the Yin-Yang. Heys Exotic Luggage Just like the tiger, exotic tiger print luggage from Heys is a bold choice for a new year, especially since the last couple have beaten many up and sapped our energy. Heys tiger print luggage has many of the same attributes as the Tiger: hard, bright, daring, colorful and undoubtedly hot. Make a statement when traveling and give yourself the edge needed to succeed and be confident. Here are my recommendations to celebrate the Year of the Tiger: Heys vCase 12" Exotic Print Beauty Case (D1012) Heys Exotic eCase 15.5" Wheeled Business Case (D257) Heys xCase Exotic Print 20" Carry-On (D200) Heys Exotic Spinners 3-Piece Luggage Set (D204) All of the Heys pieces listed above feature a polycarbonate composite shell, a tough and durable plastic that protects your valuables packed inside. The hard shell flexes slightly so it doesn't crack and sheds moisture and dirt. Since the cases are frameless you will have more room for packing and one less thing to worry about, and if you ever do have a problem the luggage pieces are covered by a 7-year warranty. These lightweight, stylish cases are sure to spice up your vacations and business trips. So be like the Tiger -- be bold and pounce on this awesome luggage!

Packing Tips & Insiders Info on TSA Security Screenings

If you're planning a trip chances are good that you'll be flying, but don't worry about packing because we have created a packing tips guideline to help streamline the process. The following article discusses how to prepare to pack, how to make it through TSA security screening in one piece, how to pack carry-on bags and some general luggage packing trips. The suggestion offered below will help you arrive at your destination with your sanity intact and your personal items ready to use. Pre-Packing Preparation You might be asking yourself how one prepares to pack. Well, you can't pack for a trip unless you've got luggage, and you can't toss your bags in the shuttle unless you've got ID tags on them. So this section covers what to do before you start shoving everything you own into your luggage. Don't wait until the last minute to pack -- most forgotten items are a victim of rushed packing. Besides, you want to start your journey calm, cool and collected, not upset and worn out. Make a list and shop early -- start writing things down at least a few days in advance so you can run to the store to pickup last-minute necessities or stop by the bank or government agencies for documents. Label important personal items -- if an item is lost or stolen it's a lot easier to get back when your contact information is readily available. Put luggage ID tags on each bag -- leave nothing to chance by clearly marking each bag as your own. Don't forget to include information regarding destination (like your hotel) in case they're lost. Put luggage ID tags in each bag -- identification tags are useless if they're ripped off or become illegible, so put one on the inside where the tag is protected. Remove old claim tags and any manufacturer tags -- reduce confusion and draw less attention to your luggage by having just the new, relevant carrier-placed tags on the exterior. Inside Scoop on TSA Security Screenings Don't think your pretty new luggage will escape the eyes of the X-RAY machines: all checked baggage goes through machines that scan for explosives and other illegal and dangerous items and substances. If your bag is cause for alarm it will be pulled aside and inspected heavily, probably by hand, meaning it will be opened and gone through. If this happens the TSA workers will leave a note and lock the bag after it passes inspection. If you're traveling abroad (outside the US in foreign countries) the treatment is typically less courteous. Use only TSA-approved locks -- they can be opened by security officials, but the standard padlock or cable lock will be cut or otherwise forced off. Don't pack food or liquids -- chances are they'll look like explosives or may be inspected to ensure compliance with interstate trade laws and other commerce regulations. If you're hungry bring the food in your carry-on; if you're bringing it as gifts you're better off shipping via FED-EX or UPS. Film is vulnerable to X-RAYS -- pack film in your carry-ons since the scanners are less powerful than those used for checked bags. Also, you can request hand inspection of film canisters. Just be prepared for angry scanners and moans from people in line behind you. Generally higher-ISO films are more susceptible to damage. Digital memory cards are not at risk! Souvenirs and gifts are best left plain -- fancy gift boxes and complimentary wrapping are nice, but they may be damaged in transit or pulled aside for personal inspection. Distribute books in a single layer -- this arrangement spreads out the weight, but it also keeps scanners from mistaking dense stacks of books for a bomb. Plus, if your luggage is damaged hopefully more of your books will survive unharmed. Sensitive and fragile items -- put them in clear pouches or organizational bags so they can be easily identified and marked accordingly to avoid instrusive inspections and rough handling. Stop stuffing your bags -- the extra stress means your luggage will wear faster and may self-destruct (ie: rupture, tear, etc.) if dropped or cut. Plus, if the contents are hand-searched everything won't go back in like it did the first time. Useful Packing Suggestions Pack non-melting, non-flaky snacks in your carry-on -- if you get delayed or hungry, if the kid across the aisle doesn't stop complaining, or if you want to break the ice with your neighbor having a tasty treat is very helpful. Stick to lightweight, hard candies and snack bars. Switch voltage before you leave -- if you travel abroad switch to the appropriate voltage level and put the adapter on the plug so you don't forget when you arrive. Liquids contract/expand with altitude changes -- leave some room in bottles so the changes in pressure don't cause problems. To be extra sure put liquids inside another plastic bag in case spillage occurs. Mix it up -- not traveling alone? Mix some necessities like clothes and copies of documents with your companion in case one of your bags gets lost or delayed. Extra bags for souvenirs -- gifts, dirty clothes and all sorts of goodies can be stuffed into duffel bags, but only if you pack them in the first place. Squish them down and shove them inside another small bag or even a zippered pocket or shoe. If you come home with more than you left with, you'll have the storage you need. Small amounts of toiletries -- unless you're trekking the Amazon you'll be able to get shampoo, soap and other bathroom items at your destination. Plus, the TSA limits liquids and gels to just a few ounces, so pack just enough for one use. Get creative with small stuff -- don't let dead air go to waste: stuff shoes with socks, roll belts and lay flat in zippered pockets, compress undergarments and fold items so they stack like Russian nesting dolls! Remember to pack big items first and fill the gaps with the smaller goods. Don't double pack -- if you're traveling with a companion coordinate what you're taking. Decide in the pre-packing stage what each person will bring if that item can be shared, such as alarm clocks, first aid kits, shampoo, spare bags, maps and other "you only need one" items. Be a Carry-On Connoisseur Check the regulations and follow them -- nowadays airlines and governments are changing the sizes and weights of things pretty regularly. Unfortunately they're also charging extra if you break the rules, so get the latest specs by calling before traveling and packing accordingly. Spare yourself the hassle of argument and wasted money by being at or just under the displayed dimensions and weight. Must-have/Critical items get priority -- passports, tickets, maps, credit cards, copies of government documents, copies of bank and legal documents, medication, keys, contact information and a spare set of clothes have to be packed before everything else. Think of your carry-on as a giant purse or wallet. Everything else goes in checked luggage so your boarding and terminal hopping are easy. If it's sharp, scary or dangerous then check it -- if you have anything that is even just the slightest bit worrisome to a fellow passenger or TSA screener you will probably get "special attention." Do everybody a favor and pack scissors, pocket knives, odd looking clothing or accessories, and unknown cultural items in your checked baggage. Use soft-sided fabric bags not hard-sided cases -- the overhead compartment is deceptively small, and the aisle are even tighter. Having a bag that flexes and conforms is a better choice than a hard plastic case that may crack under pressure or hurt more if knocked against fellow travelers.

Apple iPad Tablet Will Be Perfect for Travel and Vacations

The new Apple iPad Tablet will be the ideal travel companion. When it begins shipping pick up one for your next trip to the beach, your vacation to Europe or the cross-town train ride to the office. The Apple iPad was just released public will continue to stir up and excite the tech industry for quite some time. With a re-worked iWork suite, iBooks, iTunes, access to YouTube, movies, photos and all the goodies commonly found on Mac computers and your iPhone/iPod Touch, this is going to be huge! In the meantime, check out our current lineup of travel accessories which includes products such as headphones, cables and adapters. They will get you out the door and on your way. As manufacturers create products specifically for the Apple iPad Tablet we will get them on our site and on their way to you! If you like to read on the go or check news and sports stats, the Apple iPad Tablet will no doubt be a great gadget to have. But you'll need cables to hook it up to speakers, headphones to listen and adapters to make it work overseas. Here are links for your shopping convenience. Apple iPad Tablet Travel Accessories Headphones and Earbuds Travel Accessories Power Strips/Surge Protectors Valuables Pouches/Bags Computer Backpacks Keep checking back with us to learn how to integrate the new Apple iPad Tablet into your travel plans. For now, browse our ever-growing selection of accessories and travel essentials.
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